I began art as a little boy, just squiggles on paper but it was always something I was passionate about.  As a young man I turned to other ways of being creative but have found myself after many years drawn back to being creative through color, light, paint, and brush strokes on canvas or paper.  A bit of the squiggles are still there but now after many years I have life experiences that pulls on me to try to capture what I see, what I feel, and to share that with others. 

I have traveled and lived in many parts of the world so the subjects of my paintings varies from European, Asian-Pacific and Southwestern--landscapes, people,  or whatever.  Whether I am painting in acrylic, oil or watercolor I am always trying to communicate-create the emotion of whatever subject I am painting.  Sometimes I am more successful than other times but I have fun just in the trying. 

Isn't life great?!

For information please contact Paul at
or call: 915-276-3024
Mescalero Mission
Acrylic on Canvas
Size 24 x 30
Framed 31 x 37
Coyote Sunrise
Acrylic on Canvas
Size 20 x 16
Framed 24 x 20
Old Baldy
Acrylic on Canvas
Size 16 x 20
Framed 20 x 24