Colors have inspired me from a very young age. I always had an odd appreciation for the colors of the stained glass at the church where I attended preschool. I had a curious obsession with the color and light it emitted. The reds, yellows and blues always stuck out to me: I think as kids we find ourselves drawn to the primary colors. I love the combination of color and light. My home in Ruidoso is packed with all sorts of obscure, vintage lights and colorful artwork. It's a safe haven for me, a wonderful and creative environment.

I am also inspired by my grandfather, Gib Singleton, an amazing Santa Fe artist. Gib always strongly encouraged me to follow my passion for art and I am following his advice.

I'm fascinated by old TV commercials, the concept of cartoons such as Jonny Quest, claymation such as Gumby and other works by Art Clokey, vintage toys and robots, old matchbook covers, and 70's graphic design. My goal is to create something that someone will find visually engaging.

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Larry David